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Light - Lenses 01

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is refraction?
    The change in direction of light as it passes from one medium to another
    The manipulation of light to form bright and dark spots by passing it through a narrow slit
    The ability of light to penetrate solid objects
    The ability of light to spread out to fill a room
  • Q2
    How does a lens work?
    It forms an image by refracting light
    It forms an image by diffracting light
    It forms an image by diffracting light
    It forms an image by diffusing light
  • Q3
    Consider a convex lens - parallel rays of light are brought to a focus at which point?
    Secondary focus
    Focal place
    Principal focus
    Primary focus
  • Q4
    What is the distance from the lens to the principal focus called?
    Focal width
    Focal length
    Focal point
    Focal height
  • Q5
    Which formula correctly states how refractive index is related to the angles of incidence and refraction?
    refractive index = sin i⁄2 sin r
    refractive index = sin i⁄sin r
    refractive index = 2 sin i⁄sin r
    refractive index = sin r⁄sin i
  • Q6
    What does i represent in the above equation?
    The normal
    The refractive index
    The angle of refraction
    The angle of incidence
  • Q7
    What does r represent in the above equation
    The normal
    The angle of refraction
    The refractive index
    The angle of incidence
  • Q8
    The nature of an image produced by a lens is defined by which attributes?
    Whether the image is upright or inverted relative to the object
    The relative size of the image
    Whether the image is real or virtual
    All of these
  • Q9
    Which type of lens would be a good choice to use for the purposes of magnification?
    A converging lens
    A concave lens
    Bi concave lens
    Diverging lens
  • Q10
    What is the refractive index of a medium when light is incident upon it at 45o to the normal and the angle of the refraction is 30o from the normal?

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