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Lighting and Colour

Quiz by Tess lewis

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Bright lighting - with little or no shadows or dark areas. Often used in happy scenes and romantic comedies, or to give the impression of being outside.
    High key lighting
  • Q2
    Dark or dull lighting - with lots of shadows or dark areas. Often used in horrors or thrillers. Can give an impression of danger or fear.
    Low key lighting
  • Q3
    The main light used to light a person or object.
    Key light
  • Q4
    Extra lights used to reduce the shadows created by the key light and to create a more realistic effect.
    Fill lights
  • Q5
    A light used to light a character or object from behind, or to light the background of a scene. Creates a sense of space between the character and the background.
    Back light
  • Q6
    The meanings we often associate with different colours. Often used in film/tv or advertising to convey a particular meaning to the audience.
    Colour connotations
  • Q7
    Love, romance, danger, death, heat
    Common colour connotations of red
  • Q8
    Happiness, joy, childhood, cowardice
    Common colour connotations of yellow
  • Q9
    Peace, cold, sadness
    Common colour connotations of blue
  • Q10
    Nature, safe, jealousy
    Common colour connotations of green
  • Q11
    Royalty, cruelty
    Common colour connotations of purple

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