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Quiz by Kateřina Lhotová

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    What percentage of Peru's population lived in Lima during the 1940s?

    a) 5-10%

    c) 20-25% 

    b) 10-15% 

    d) 30-35

  • Q2

    What factor(s) has contributed to the significant urbanization in Peru since the mid-20th century?

    Both -Economic opportunities and  Infrastructure improvements

    Climate change

    Economic opportunities

    Infrastructure improvements

  • Q3

    What is the estimated population of Lima in September 2023?





  • Q4

    What are some challenges faced by farmers in the Andes Mountains?(Select all that apply)

    a) Harsh terrain
    c) Water scarcity

    d) Limited job opportunities in farming

    b) High altitude
  • Q5

    How did family members in rural Andean communities traditionally support their families financially?

    b) Selling handmade crafts

    c) Running small businesses

    d) Relying on government subsidies

    a) Seasonal or temporary migration for work

  • Q6

    What are some "push" factors that cause people to migrate to Lima from villages?(Select all that apply)

    Poor infrastructure

    Access to education

    Limited employment opportunities
     Farming difficulties in the Andes
  • Q7

    What are some "good" experiences migrants might have when they arrive in Lima? (Select all that apply)

     Economic opportunities
    Access to education

    Environmental pollution

    Healthcare services
  • Q8

    What are some "bad" experiences migrants might face when they move to Lima? (Select all that apply)

    High cost of living

    Cultural and entertainment options

  • Q9

    Which of the following challenges are specifically related to farming in the Andes Mountains due to climate change? (Select all that apply)

    Changing precipitation patterns
    Increased temperature variability

    Limited infrastructure

    High altitude

  • Q10

    What are some "pull" factors attracting people from rural areas to Lima? (Select all that apply)

    Urbanization and social networks

    Limited job opportunities in rural areas

    Better quality of life
    Access to education
  • Q11

    In Lima, what factors can contribute to a higher standard of living compared to rural areas? (Select all that apply)

    More entertainment options

    Higher crime rates

    Better access to healthcare
    Improved educational opportunities
  • Q12

    What are some challenges migrants may face when adapting to life in Lima? (Select all that apply)

    Access to better healthcare

    Access to better education

    Social and cultural adjustment
    Feeling isolated or discriminated against
  • Q13

    What are some negative aspects of living in Lima that migrants may experience? (Select all that apply)

    High cost of living

    Better access to education

  • Q14

    Which factors are "push" factors driving people away from rural areas to Lima? (Select all that apply)

    Limited employment opportunities in villages
    Farming difficulties in the Andes

    Desire for a better quality of life

    Poor infrastructure in rural areas
  • Q15

    Which aspects of living in Lima can contribute to the perception of the city being less safe than rural communities? (Select all that apply)



    Environmental pollution

    High crime rates

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