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Link Building: How to Get 1,347 Backlinks Every Month

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  • Q1
    What is the main topic of the video?
    Email outreach for backlinks
    SEO techniques
    Reverse Outreach for link building
    Content marketing strategies
  • Q2
    Benefit of targeting journalist keywords?
    More backlinks from social media shares
    Establishes creator expertise
    Increased chance of backlinks as a source
    Improved ranking for target audience keywords
  • Q3
    Key element of a journalist keyword page?
    Author bio with social media links
    Statistic at the very top
    List of related statistics
    Strong call to action
  • Q4
    Why target competitive journalist keywords?
    Easier research
    Naturally attracts backlinks
    Less competition for ranking
    Higher volume of existing links
  • Q5
    Ultimate goal of Brian Dean's strategy?
    Lead generation
    Brand awareness for Exploding Topics
    Go-to source for journalists' references
    Drive traffic to money pages
  • Q6
    Not recommended for journalist keyword pages?
    List format
    Supplementary data around the statistic
    Long introduction before statistic
    Referencing the original data source
  • Q7
    Advantage of hyper-specific content?
    Increased chance of direct linking
    Easier to create
    Improves domain authority
    More affiliate links
  • Q8
    Indirect benefit of backlinks from these pages?
    Improved conversion rates
    Funneling authority through internal linking
    Automatic organic traffic increase
    Lower bounce rate
  • Q9
    First step in reverse outreach?
    Build relationships with journalists
    Create broad audience content
    Identify journalist keywords
    Guest posting strategy
  • Q10
    Recommended blog post title structure?
    Creative and attention-grabbing
    Target audience keywords
    Journalist's research question + clear answer
    Benefit-focused title

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