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QuizĀ by Born Singer

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    Tallinn is one of the world's smart cities because

    the people are very cleverĀ 

    the government wants the people to be more intelligent

    the people who live and work there use a lot of technology

  • Q2

    The Bank of Happiness makes it possible for people to.

    buy property in other countries

    borrow money cheaply

    get services without paying for them

  • Q3

    Which of the following could you post on the Bank of Happiness?

    I need somebody to give me English lessons.

    I'm looking for a partner.

    I need somebody to lend me ā‚¬1,000

  • Q4

    Airi Kivi started the Bank of Happiness because she wantedĀ  Ā 

    to make people richer

    to help people who didn't have jobs

    Ā people to help each other.

  • Q5

    In the Bank of Happiness, if somebody takes your dog for a walk

    you then need to take their dog for a walk

    you don't need to do anything for them

    you need to do something for them

  • Q6

    6 The principle of the Bank is that makes people happy.Ā 

    having a lot of money and possessionsĀ 

    helping other people

    having a lot of friendsĀ 


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