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Listening (An Adventure in Africa)

Quiz by Wafaa Yussuf

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Where are Kevin and his parents?
    -In Australia
    -In America
    -In Africa
  • Q2
    2. What event made Kevin less afraid of being close to wild animals?
    -Jim, the guide, came to pick up Kevin and his parents to take them on the safari
    -Kevin’s mom told him that nothing would happen to them if they listen to their guide so Kevin was not afraid.
    -A giraffe came very close to Kevin while he was on the safari and Kevin was not afraid.
  • Q3
    3.What is the story mostly about?
    -a boy named Kevin who goes on a safari in Africa with his parents
    -a family that went to Africa to see giraffes.
    -a boy named Kevin who was excited to see many wild animals close up.
  • Q4
    4.Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. Kevin saw something move ____________ the guide stopped the car.
  • Q5
    5.. Which animal came to eat the leaves of a tall tree that was near Kevin?
    -a giraffe
    -an elephant
    -a lion

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