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Listening test for the 4th year students

Quiz by Anna Shapovalova

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Why did Adrian decide to write a book on family relationship?

    He was encouraged by the success of his previous publication.

    He felt it was a natural outcome of his work in sociology.

    He believed it was probably expected of him.

    He was persuaded by others in his field.

  • Q2

    Adrian says that he gave up his role as a councellor because...

    he resented its inpact on his own physical health.

    it no longer provided sufficient challenge.

    he was unable to remain objective.

    he felt overloaded with responsibility.

  • Q3

    Adrian says that the average 21-st century husband

    secretly wishes to earn more than his wife.

    may be suffering a form of identity crisis.

    is happy to have been relieved of certain duties.

    is still reluctant to participate in housework.

  • Q4

    Adrian explains that his chilfren didn't feature in his book because

    descriptions of family experiences were becoming formulaic.

    he was reluctant to take advantage of their willingness to please

    academic publications should have an impersinal tone.

    they were willing to be exposed in such a way.

  • Q5

    Adrian criticizes certain media reports on social issues for

    the sensational style they are written in.

    the way they overlook areas of progress.

    their misleading use of statistics.

    their focus on superficial subjects.


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