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listening unit 4

Quiz by Roberta Gilli

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    LISTEN and answer . Who kept the amazing concert?
    Katrin Pency
    Kandy Perrin
    Katy perry
    Keti Penny
  • Q2
    what are the fans doing?
    clapping and shouting
    singing and shouting
    clapping and singing
    jumping and clapping
  • Q3
    What nationality is the winning fan?
  • Q4
    How long ago did the fan hear the program?
    last Monday
    one week
    one month
    one year
  • Q5
    Which magazine organized the contest?
    Top Pop
    Pop ten
    Pop of the Top
    Top ten
  • Q6
    what was the first prize?
    a special album of your fav singer
    a ticket for 4 people
    a free entrance ticket and a day with your fav singer
    a lunch with your best singer
  • Q7
    What did the fan do to enter the contest?
    sent an email
    passed an exam
    called the radio
    wrote a letter
  • Q8
    what made the difference?
    aunt's lasagne
    granny's lasagne
    aunt's dessert
    granny's dessert

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