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Quiz by Louise Rodrigues

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    How much is the "woman's car"?
    ten thousand dollars
    nine hundred dollars
    eight thousand pounds
    nine thousand pounds
  • Q2
    Who's the car for?
    For me
    For her brother
    For her family
    For her
  • Q3
    What's the 1st car he recommends to her?
    Audi TT
    Ford Focus
    Honda jazz
  • Q4
    What color is the Renault he recommended to the woman?
  • Q5
    What's her opinion about the Honda Jazz?
    It is very niece
    It isn't very new
    It is very nice
    It isn't very nice
  • Q6
    What's his opinion about the Honda Jazz?
    It's expensive
    It's very old
    It's a good car
    It isn't a good car
  • Q7
    Which cars did he recommend to her, besides the Honda Jazz?
    Ford Focus and the Blue Renault
    Blue focus and red Renault
    Blue renault and Black Ford Focus
    Red focus and blue Renault
  • Q8
    Which car did she choose in the end?
    Blue Renault
    Red Audi TT
    Honda Jazz
    Red Ford focus

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