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Literal steps for how a Bill becomes a law

Quiz by J Crissman

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    The bill is introduced in one of the houses of Congress (either The House of Representatives or The Senate; revenue ($$) bills MUST be introduced in the House)
    Step 1
  • Q2
    The bill goes to a standing committee where it is debated and voted on. The bill is either sent to the house floor or dies
    Step 2
  • Q3
    Floor Action: bill is debated and voted on (or it dies).
    Step 3
  • Q4
    If the bill passes the first house with a simple majority, it is sent to the other chamber to go through the same process.
    Step 4
  • Q5
    If a different version of the bill is passed in each house, they have to agree
    Step 5a
  • Q6
    If the same bill is passed in both houses, it then goes to the President of the United States.
    Step 5b
  • Q7
    The President has the following options once the bill arrives:1) The President can sign the bill into law 2) The President can veto the bill or the President does nothing, the bill dies (pocket veto).
    Step 6

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