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Literary Reading MCM

Quiz by Bliss Buehring

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  • Q1
    If a stereotype of Germans is that they are tidy, meticulous, and industrious, does the characterization of Crown in this passage reinforce or weaken this stereotype?
    It firmly reinforces the stereotype
    It initially reinforces and sub sequentially weakens the stereotype
    It reinforces the meticulous aspect of the stereotype but weakens the industrious aspect
    It weakens the stereotype in that Crown likes his surroundings tidy but expects others to do the tidying up
  • Q2
    It can be reasonably inferred that in relation to the appointment referred to in the third paragraph, the meeting referred to in the first paragraph occurs:
    several years later
    Several days later
    several days earlier
    on the same day
  • Q3
    The passage's description of Zwick reveals that compared to Crown, he is:
    less afraid to state his preferences to his superiors
    less inclined to embrace new technology
    equally fastidious about meeting a deadline
    more concerned with the company's image
  • Q4
    The dialogue in line 72 reveals Zwick's:
    insensitivity to his recently hired female co-worker
    panic over having a surprise visitor to his office
    indignation over Crown's proposed solution to the problem the two men are discussing
    excitement over meeting a new employee of Crown Brewery
  • Q5
    At the time described in the passage's opening, what is Crown's most immediate preoccupation?
    Whether to install expensive pasteurization equipment at his brewery
    Zwick's impertinent behavior
    A civic responsibility
    Whether he will be on time for his weekly trim
  • Q6
    The passage states that Crown was what kind of student?
    Mediocre, except in ciphering
    successful when he applied himself, otherwise poor
    exceptionally gifted, especially in ciphering
    increasingly successful as he gained the use of counting aids
  • Q7
    Based on the passage, which of the following questions would be most characteristic of the kind Crown typically asked his employees?
    "Have you had a chance to repair that old typewriter?"
    "Who among you has a better idea for how we can work well as a team?"
    "By what figure will our sales increase if we advertise in that publication?"
    "Was your weekend a most pleasant one?"
  • Q8
    At the time in which the passage is set, which of the following devices are still apparently being used in offices in the United States even as those same devices are, in Crown's view, becoming increasingly obsolete?
    Quill pens
    Mechanical adding machines
  • Q9
    The metaphor the author uses to help describe Crown's three principals primarily draws upon imagery from what discipline?
  • Q10
    Which of the following is a detail from the passage that indicates the length of time Crown has been in the brewery business?
    Photographs of annual company picnics decorating his office
    A newly hung cross-stitched phrase framed and placed on his office wall
    A bell, the ringing of which has marked the start of his workday for the last twenty years
    Some outdated refrigerators from when he first opened his business
  • Q11
    What is the meaning of the memo quote in Crown's office: "without industry there was no reward"
    If one is not willing to be original and innovative, there will be no reward
    There will be no reward if one does not use good business strategies
    Without staying in the same job for a long time, the reward will be small

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