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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the main characters of the book Dracula?
    Question Image
    Elizabeta, Mina, Jonatan, Lucy, Arthur, Dracula.
    Dracula and Jenny only.
    Berlin, Lewis, Mina, Lily and Jonatan.
    Romeo, king Arthur and Jenny
  • Q2
    Who wrote Romeo and Juliet
    Question Image
    J.K. Rollins
    Bram Stoker
    William Shakespeare
    Mary Shelley
  • Q3
    What the Dracula book about?
    Question Image
    A vampire that falls in love with Mina, they belonged each other and they wanted to be together for eternity.
    Jonathan and the vampire falls in love and Mina was jealous.
    A vampire that wanted to kill Mina because she was so alike to Elizabeta
    Jonathan discovered that Mina loved to Arthur, the vampire became his friend and wanted to kill Arthur and Mina.
  • Q4
    What books did J.K. Rowling wrote?
    Question Image
    Harry Potter
  • Q5
    Who wrote the Oranges are not the only Fruit?
    Mary Shelley
    J.K. Rowllings
    Julian Barnes
    Bram Stoker
  • Q6
    Julian Barne`s wife died because of a....................
    Question Image
    Brain tumor
  • Q7
    What the book Mr. Jacob and Dr. Hyde about?
    Question Image
    A doctor that created a poisson to become into another person but at the end he died.
    Mr. Jacob killed the girl.
    Mr. Jacob wanted to get married with Dr. Hyde`s doughter
    A doctor that traveled around the world
  • Q8
    Who is the author of the book Mr. Jacob and Dr. Hyde?
    Question Image
    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Q9
    What the book of Emma about?
    Question Image
    A independent girl that fall in love with the person she never thought about.
    Mystery story
    Emma traveled around the world and found the love in America.
    Emma`s murder
  • Q10
    Who wrote the book of Dorian Gray?
    Question Image
    Oscar Wilde
  • Q11
    What is the main item that everybody talks about in Dorian's house?
    Question Image
    His dog
    His car
    His kitchen
    His picture

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