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Live Examination- Hydrology (10/07/2019)

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Hydrograph is a plot between
    rainfall depth with time
    rainfall intensity with area
    rainfall intensity with time
    discharge of stream against time
  • Q2
    The concept of unit hydrograph was proposed by:
  • Q3
    What is called, the time in hours taken by rainwater that falls at the farthest point to reach the outlet of a catchment?
    Time of concentration
    Effective duration
    Recession time
    Basin lag
  • Q4
    The shape of the hydrograph of runoff is affected by :
    All of the above
    The duration of the storm
    real distribution of the storm
    The intensity of the storm
  • Q5
  • Q6
    If a 3 h unit hydrograph is added to the same 3 h unit hydrograph beginning 3 h later, this can be reduced to a 6 h unit hydrograph by dividing the ordinates by :
  • Q7
    Unit hydrograph method for flood estimation is applied to:
    Small and medium sized basin
    Hilly areas
    Large basins
    All of the above
  • Q8
    Rain fall mass curve shows the variations of
    Rainfall excess with time
    None of these
    Cumulative rain fall with time
    Rainfall intensity with time
  • Q9
    The time interval between the starting of rising limb to the peak of hydrograph
    Peak Time
    Lag time
    Effective time duration
    Time of concentration
  • Q10
    A stream that carries water occasionally or seasonally
    Intermittent stream
    Disappearing stream
    effluent stream
    Influent stream

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