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LIVE EXAMINATION (SA & SM ) (24-04-2019 to 25-04-2019)

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Given that the effective length of a column is twice the actual length, then the column is
    One enf fixed other end free
    Both end fixed
    Two end hinged
    One end hinged and other free
  • Q2
    For a simply supported beam with a central load, the bending moment is
    maximum at the supports
    least at the supports
    least at the centre
    maximum at the centre.
  • Q3
    The method of moment distribution in structural analysis can be treated as
    Force method
    Displacement method
    Flexibility method
    An exact method
  • Q4
    The shape factor of rectangular section :
  • Q5
    A three hinged arch is generally hinged at its supports and
    Any where in the rib
    One at quarter span
    None of these
    At the crown
  • Q6
    Clapeyron's three moment theorem is used to solve
    simply supported beam
    fixed beam
    continuous beam
  • Q7
    the element stiffness matrix is
    Orthogonal matrix
    Diagonal matrix
    Symmetric matrix
    Unsymmetric matrix
  • Q8
    Minor principal stress has minimum.................
    direct stress and shear stress
    None of these
    intensity of direct stress
    value of shear stress acting on the plane
  • Q9
    When a shaft, is subjected to torsion, the shear stress induced in the shaft varies from
    maximum at the centre to zero at the circumference
    maximum at the centre to minimum at the circumference
    zero at the centre to maximum at the circumference
    minimum at the centre to maximum at the circumference
  • Q10
    The maximum shear stress in a thin cylindrical shell subjected to internal pressure p is

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