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Living and Nonliving Things

Quiz by Micale E

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What will happen to the grass of a lawn in Utah if it is not watered in the summer?
    It will stay the same.
    It will grow longer and turn green.
    It will get shorter.
    It will turn brown and look dead.
  • Q2
    One student makes a model of a lake and another student makes a model of a river. Which statement best describes the water in one of the models?
    The lake model contains cold water.
    The river model contains muddy water.
    The lake model contains salt water.
    The river model contains flowing water
  • Q3
    Which part of the ecosystem is alive and provides oxygen for animals?
  • Q4
    Which list best shows the basic needs of a living oak tree?
    Soil, water, sunlight, air
    Water, sunlight, shelter, soil
    Sunlight, insects, air, shelter
    A shelter, soil, water, insects
  • Q5
    Blue crabs can be found in the coastal waters of New Jersey. Which of these explains why the crab’s outer shell helps it survive in its habitat?
    The shell keeps the crab warm.
    The shell helps the crab catch food.
    The shell allows the crab to get oxygen.
    The shell protects the crab from predators.

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