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Lord of the flies chapters 7-9

Quiz by Andrea Visocan

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  • Q1
    Who is responsible for accidentally killing Simon in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    Jack Merridew
    The boys in a frenzied dance
  • Q2
    What significant event occurs when Jack defies Ralph's leadership in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    Jack is elected as the new leader
    Jack starts his own tribe and steals Piggy's glasses
    Jack forms an alliance with Ralph
    Jack apologizes to Ralph
  • Q3
    What role does the conch shell play in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    It is shattered by Jack in a fit of rage
    It is used as a weapon in a conflict
    It becomes a symbol of hope and unity among the boys
    It loses its power and significance as chaos and savagery increase
  • Q4
    How does Ralph try to maintain a signal fire in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    By moving the fire closer to the mountain peak
    By letting the fire burn out completely
    By using wet leaves to smother the flames
    By asking Jack to take charge of the fire
  • Q5
    How does the relationship between Ralph and Jack evolve in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    It remains unchanged as they both prioritize rescue efforts
    It improves as they share leadership responsibilities
    It strengthens as they work together to maintain order
    It deteriorates as Jack becomes more focused on power and hunting
  • Q6
    What significant event occurs during a storm in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    Jack tries to overthrow Ralph during the storm
    Ralph and Piggy discover a source of fresh water
    The boys build a shelter to protect themselves from the storm
    The boys mistake the parachutist for the Beast
  • Q7
    What significant event occurs to signal the end of civilization and order in Lord of the Flies chapters 7-9?
    The discovery of a fresh water source
    The breaking of Piggy's glasses
    The rescue of a stranded survivor
    The successful lighting of a signal fire

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