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Los Verbos Reflexivos

Quiz by Alana Amorese

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Me despierto.
    I get up
    I wake up
    You wake up
    I am desperate
  • Q2
    Te despiertas.
    You are desperate
    He wakes up
    You wake up
    I wake up
  • Q3
    Nos despertamos.
    She wakes up.
    We wake up.
    I wake up.
    The kitty wakes up.
  • Q4
    Ella se afeita.
    She shaves.
    He shaves.
    You shave.
    I shave.
  • Q5
    Ustedes se afeitan.
    We shave.
    You shave
    You all shave.
    They shave
  • Q6
    Yo me pongo.
    You put on.
    I put on.
    Pogo stick
    He puts on
  • Q7
    Él se pone.
    He puts on.
    You put on.
    The child puts on.
    She puts on.
  • Q8
    Yo me acuesto.
    I get up.
    I wake up.
    The man goes to bed
    I go to bed.
  • Q9
    Yo me peino
    He combs.
    I prepare
    I comb.
    I brush
  • Q10
    Ellos se peinan.
    They comb.
    The girls comb.
    You all comb.
    We comb.
  • Q11
    Yo me visto.
    I see
    I get dressed
    I prepare
    You get dressed.
  • Q12
    Ellas se visten.
    They put on.
    They(f) get dressed.
    They(m) get dressed.
    You all get dressed.
  • Q13
    Tú te cepillas los dientes.
    You brush your hair.
    He brushes his teeth
    You brush your teeth.
    You wake up.
  • Q14
    Rafael se baña.
    Rafael washes.
    Rafael goes to the bathroom.
    Rafael showers.
    Rafael bathes.
  • Q15
    Mi hermana y yo nos maquillamos.
    My friend and I put on makeup.
    My mother and I make up.
    My sister and I dry our hair.
    My sister and I put on makeup.

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