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  • Q1

    LRMS stands for

    Learning Resources Managing Section

    Learning Recreation Management System

    Learning Resources Management Section

  • Q2

    Which is NOT true in the following statements below?

    Professional Development Materials

    (PDM) are any digital or non-digital education training and development resource or program designed with a training and development purpose.

    Learning Resource are any digital or non-digital educational resource with a learning purpose

    LRMS serves as a web based portal with a searchable catalogue and online repository of learning, teaching and professional development resources.

    Teaching Resources (TR) are any educational resource digital or non- digital that supports teachers in curriculum development, delivery and andragogy or teacher trainers in the delivery of professional development programs.

  • Q3

    The ______ is designed to support the local development and production of teaching, learning and professional development materials by the divisions and regions via LRMS.

    Development, Acquisition and Production System

    Storage and Maintenance System

    Assessment and Evaluation System

    Publication and Delivery

  • Q4

    The __________ is designed to ensure ongoing and sustainable access to teaching, learning and professional development resources via LRMS.

    Storage and Maintenance System

    Development, Acquisition and Production System

    Publication and Delivery

    Assessment and Evaluation SystemAssessment and Evaluation System

  • Q5

    ________is designed to provide a web-based user interface to access the LRMDS. The system is designed to support its user in browsing, viewing and downloading resources and information available within the repository.

    Storage and Maintenance

    Publication and Delivery System

    Assessment and Evaluation

    Development, Acquisition and Production Syste

  • Q6

    The following functions are under The Assessment and Evaluation system EXCEPT ________. 

    Identifying teaching, learning and professional development resource needs;

    Recommending and reviewing resources for acquisition and procurement

    Determining existing resources for reproduction;

    Aiding in modifying and translating learning resources into mother tongue.

  • Q7

    Repository means __________.

    tools for production

    tools for modification, localization, indigenization & translation of resources into mother tongue

    a central location in which data is stored and managed.

    a web portal

  • Q8

    Archiving services belongs to what system?

    Storage and Maintenance


    Development and Acquisition

    Publication and Delivery


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