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Ls.3 Washing Clothes with My Mom

Quiz by V Kavitha

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    How old was the writer when he learned to wake up early?
  • Q2
    Why did the writer decide to wake up early?
    to get enough study time
    to get enough time to play
    to get enough time to execise
    to get enough bath time
  • Q3
    What did his mother give him to help him get up early in the morning?
    a phone
    an old wind-up clock
    a time piece
    fixed a wall clock
  • Q4
    What did the writer hear from the basement?
    a song from radio
    a bird's chirping
    a buzzing sound
    a ringtone
  • Q5
    Whom did the writer find in the basement?
    his puppy
    his father
    his mother
    his sibling
  • Q6
    Why was the writer's mother singing while washing clothes?
    to practise singing
    for singing competition
    for the party
    to enjoy her work
  • Q7
    How many days in a week his mother washed their clothes?
    three days
    five days
    four days
  • Q8
    Why did his father get up that early in the morning?
    not feeling sleepy
    to finish an important work
    to work in peace
    felt bored
  • Q9
    How did the writer's parents buy a clothes dryer?
    it was gift
    won a lottery
    borrowed money
    scrapped together enough money
  • Q10
    How did the writer help his mother?
    by cleaning the lint filter, placing the clothes on a folding table
    by drying the clothes
    by rinsing the clothes
    by washing
  • Q11
    Why did the writer's mother complement him on his work done?
    to discourage him
    to make him feel sad
    to make him work more
    to encourage him
  • Q12
    What did the writer notice on getting up early in the morning?
    his sisters woke up at 6 a.m, took their bath and helped their mother carry the clothes upstairs
    nature was beautiful
    it was raining
    there was no water
  • Q13
    What did the writer do between loads?
    he took a nap
    he did drawings
    he slept
    he studied
  • Q14
    What lesson was taught to the writer and his siblings by their parents?
    that work wasn't hardship
    to sleep in the morning
    to succeed in life
    to study well

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