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Ls-4 eighteenth Century India

Quiz by Manu Sandhya

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Who were called Later Mughals?
    The rulers who ruled after Aurangzeb
  • Q2
    2. Name the son and successor of Aurangzeb.
    Bahadur Shah
    Bahadur Shah Zafar
    Ahmad Shah
    Muhammad Shah
  • Q3
    3. Who were called Sayyid brothers?
    Hussain Shah
    All of the above
    Hussain Ali Khan and Abdullah Khan Barah
    Abdullah Shah
  • Q4
    4. Permission granted to British for duty-free trade with Bengal.
    Golden Farman
    Trade with others
    No Trade
    Trade tax
  • Q5
    5. Who was Mirza Ghalib?
    Famous poet during Muhammad Shah's Reign
    Famous poet during Bahadur Shah's Reign
    Famous poet during Bahadur Shah Zafar's Reign
    Famous poet during Jahandar Shah's Reign
  • Q6
    6. Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled to______
  • Q7
    7. Aurangzeb was an unpopular ruler because of
    destroyed temple
    broke idols
    imposition of Jaziya
    All the reasons
  • Q8
    8. Iranis, Turanis. Afghans and Hindustanis were
    Army Generals
    High Officials
    nobles of later Mughals
    People from other countries
  • Q9
    9. Akbar introduced
    Iqtadari system
    Jaziya Tax
    Jagirdari System
    Mansabdari System
  • Q10
    10. Name the foreign invaders during Later Mughals.
    Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali
    Ahmad Shah Abdali
    Ahmad Khan
    Nadir Shah
  • Q11
    11. Mansab was
    Revenue Officer
    Piece of land
    a rank in Civil and Military administration
    Military official
  • Q12
    12. Why was Bahadur Shah Zafar exiled?
    He became the leader in the revolt of 1847
    He became the leader in the revolt of 1857
    He became the leader in the revolt of 1867
    He became the leader in the revolt of 1837
  • Q13
    13. Who stopped paying taxes to the Mughal rulers?
    Governors of Rajasthan Awadh and Bengal
    Governors of Hyderabad Awadh and Bengal
    Governors of Hyderabad Mysore and Bengal
    Governors of Hyderabad Awadh and Punjab
  • Q14
    14. Mughal Army was weak because of
    failure of Mansabdari System
    failure of Ryotwari System
    failure of Mahalwari System
    failure of Jagirdari System
  • Q15
    15. Kohinoor diamond and peacock throne was carried away by
    Ahmad Shah Abdali
    Nadir Shah
    Muhammad Shah
    Siraj ud Daulah

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