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LS4 Final - Authentic Listening

Quiz by Martin Cooke

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  • Q1
    According to the presenter, when did the video game Pong first become popular in the US?
    Around the year 2000
    The late 1970s
    The 1960s
  • Q2
    How do gaming companies used the data they collect?
    The data is used to generate advertisements
    To influence the playing and spending habits of gamers
    The data is included in their financial reports
  • Q3
    One of the young gamers interviewed for the podcast has friends in which countries?
    Canada and Argentina
    Germany and Japan
    Mexico and the United Kingdom
  • Q4
    Ramin Shokrizade, who works for Wargaming America, began his career in which field?
    Video game design
  • Q5
    What is not mentioned as something you might buy while playing a video game?
    A gun
    A spacecraft
    A cow

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