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M5 Inquisition

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    The 2 key roles of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are
    Construction and Built Environment
    Commercial and Residential Control
    Urban Planning and GFA Control
    Conservation and Land Use Planning
  • Q2
    URA's Master Plan is revised every
    3 years
    5 years
    2 years
    10 years
  • Q3
    Which is NOT required for Development Control Submission to URA for a new shopping centre development
    Tenants' details
    Sewerage Interpretation Plan
    Road Line Plan
    Proposed Building Height
  • Q4
    Which is NOT an item to be tested in Outline Applicaton
    Site Area
    Building Height
    Land Use
    Plot Ratio
  • Q5
    Which of the following GFA is NOT allowable for a Site Area of 1000 sq.m and a Plot Ratio of 2.4
    1200 sq.m
    120 sq.m
    2400 sq.m
  • Q6
    The maximum site coverage allowed for a residential development area of 10000 sq.m is
    4000 sq.m
    6000 sq.m
    7000 sq.m
    5000 sq.m
  • Q7
    Total extra allowable GFA for balconies of a 5000 sq.m (maximum allowable) residential development is
    25 sq.m
    250 sq.m
    500 sq.m
    50 sq.m
  • Q8
    Which of the following is an example of Communal Open Space
    Open-sided pavilion
    Squash Court
    Weather-proof barbeque pit
    Sheltered common swimming pool
  • Q9
    Green buffer requirement as a Development Control depends on
    types of trees proposed
    building height
    ingress and egress
    location of Inspection Chamber
  • Q10
    In electronic submission, what does the following naming convention, FE and FX, stand for?
    Elevation and Section
    Known and Unknown
    Approved and Disapproved
    Electronic and Mechanical
  • Q11
    Which of the following is a type of Building Service in a residential building?
    mechanical ventilation system
    laundry service
    conservancy service
    telecommunication service
  • Q12
    DIP and SIP have to be acquired before submission to CBPU, so as to know
    how many toilets to provide
    how many manholes on site
    the Minimum Platform Level (MPL) for effectual surface water drainage
    the existing soil condition on site
  • Q13
    What A/C system is this? (image source: Time Out)
    Question Image
    central system
    inverter system
    window unit system
    multi-split system
  • Q14
    Which of the following statement is a design criterion for sanitary drainage system
    rainwater shall not be discharged into sanitary drainage system
    distance between Inspection Chambers must not be more than 100m
    Main Drain Line (MDL) are to be sited within drainage reserve
    Both Main Drain Line (MDL) and Branch Drain Line (BDL) NEED NOT be self-cleansing
  • Q15
    Name this obscure waste-time superhero
    Question Image
    Boy Bender
    Jamaican Fence Man
    Rodney Rodriguez
    Matter-Eater Lad

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