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MAAP Review

Quiz by Tanya Fortenberry

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    A plant uses ________________ energy from the sun and converts it into _______________ energy for the plant.

    physical; thermal

    thermal; chemical

    light; chemical

    chemical; physical

  • Q2

    Plants need several inputs to make food for energy.  Which do they most likely get from the soil?



    carbon dioxide


  • Q3

    Which is true about the food web?

    Question Image

    ground squirrels get energy from golden eagles and kit foxes

    plants get energy from grasshoppers and ground squirrels

    kit foxes get energy from ground squirrels and grasshoppers

    grasshoppers get energy from plants and scorpions get energy from grasshoppers

  • Q4

    Ecosystem A is most likely - 

    Question Image



    coral reef


  • Q5

    Ecosystem B is most likely - 

    Question Image

    polar tundra

    deciduous forest


    tropical rainforest

  • Q6

    Ecosystem C is most likely - 

    Question Image





  • Q7

    Ecosystem D is most likely - 

    Question Image

    polar tundra


    taiga (boreal forest)

    tropical rainforest

  • Q8

    Which shows a correct relationship between two organisms in the food chain?

    Question Image

    the roadrunner is a secondary consumer that gets its energy from the harvest mouse

    the coyote is a secondary consumer that gets its energy from the roadrunner

    the pickleweed is a primary consumer that gets its energy from the sun

    the harvest mouse is a producer that gets its energy from the pickleweed

  • Q9

    Which statement about atoms & molecules is true?

    all molecules are made up of the same kinds of atoms

    molecules are the smallest unit of matter

    atoms can be broken down into simpler substances

    atoms are made up of three different particles

  • Q10

    Which statement about atoms is true?

    electrons have no charge

    protons and neutrons are in the nucleus

    neutrons have a negative charge

    protons orbit the nucleus the way planets orbit the sun

  • Q11

    Which statement is NOT true about the solid state of matter?

    it keeps its shape

    it has a definite volume and mass

    particles are very close together and vibrate in place

    particles are very far apart and move very fast

  • Q12

    Which statement is true about the liquid state of matter?

    the particles are close together and vibrate in place

    it takes the shape of its container

    it retains its shape

    it does not have a definite volume


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