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Quiz by Jennifer Hall

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  • Q1
    Which of these is NOT a reason why Macbeth kills Duncan?
    Macbeth is very ambitious.
    Lady Macbeth wants to be Queen.
    Duncan is a cruel king.
    The witches plant the idea in Macbeth's mind.
  • Q2
    When and where is Macbeth set?
    in Ireland, in the 18th century
    in Scotland, during the 11th century
    in England, during the Renaissance
    in Wales, in modern times
  • Q3
    How does Lady Macbeth change during the play?
    She encourages Macbeth to be a kinder King.
    At first she is very shy. Later she becomes more confident and makes many new friends.
    She pushes Macbeth to commit murder then feels overwhelmed by guilt and regret.
    She never wanted to be come Queen but then finds that she enjoys it.
  • Q4
    What happens first?
    The witches predict greatness for Macbeth.
    Duncan rewards Macbeth for his bravery.
    Macbeth battles the Vikings.
    Macbeth learns he is now "Lord Cawdor".
  • Q5
    Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave Scotland?
    They are afraid of the three witches.
    They are tired of the constant bad weather.
    They fear the person that the person who killed their father will try to kill them too.
    They need to get back to college.
  • Q6
    Why does Macbeth have Banquo killed?
    Macbeth knows that Banquo plans to kill him.
    Banquo knows Macbeth is not violent.
    Banquo is in love with Lady Macbeth.
    Banquo is the only one other person who heard the witches predict Macbeth would be King.
  • Q7
    Macbeth says his mind is full of scorpions. What does he mean?
    he's relaxed and enjoys being King.
    His head is itching.
    He is tortured by guilt and fear.
    He can't stop thinking about scorpions.
  • Q8
    What does Macduff mean he he says, "My voice is in my sword'?
    He plans to express his feelings through actions, not words.
    He plans to tell a story about his sword.
    He wants to talk things over with Macbeth.
    Macduff is too shy to express his feelings.
  • Q9
    How will Malcolm's rule be different from that of Macbeth?
    Macbeth was a popular king, Malcolm is not.
    Malcolm plans to make Scotland a democracy.
    Macbeth loved power, but Malcolm really really cares about Scotland.
    Malcolm plans to raise taxes.
  • Q10
    Which of these would make a good alternative title for "Macbeth"?
    Star-crossed lovers
    Murder Most Foul
    My kingdom for a horse.
    To Be or Not to Be

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