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Macbeth, Act 3

Quiz by Don Leibold

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    3.1-3 - What does Banquo wonder about the witches’ prophecy?
    If he could bribe or threaten them into changing the future
    If his descendents will really become kings
    If there is any room for free will in the world or if all is fate
    If perhaps they were wrong and he might become king one day
  • Q2
    3.1-3 - How does Macbeth feel about Banquo?
    He thinks Banquo is planning on murdering him.
    He believes Banquo to be a loyal friend.
    He fears that Banquo and his sons will cut short his reign.
    In his madness, he forgets who Banquo is.
  • Q3
    3.1-3 - What does Macbeth hire three men to do?
    Find the witches so he can talk to them again
    Kill Macduff and his family
    Kill Banquo and his son
    Protect him from assassins
  • Q4
    3.1-3 - Does Lady Macbeth think this murder of Banquo and his son are necessary?
    Yes, she thinks the business won’t be done until they are both dead.
    She’s not sure and wants to err on the side of caution by killing them.
    She opposes it and threatens to stop Macbeth if he tries.
    No, but she’ll help him if he does.
  • Q5
    3.1-3 - Do the assassins succeed in killing Banquo and Fleance?
    No, they both escape and vow revenge.
    Yes, they kill both of them.
    They kill Banquo but Fleance escapes.
    They kill Fleance but Banquo escapes.
  • Q6
    3.4-6 - How does Macbeth feel about Fleance getting away unharmed?
    It's not such a big deal.
    It confirms his suspicion that the witches are lying to him.
    It’s fine because he can blame Banquo’s murder on Fleance.
    It leaves him vulnerable.
  • Q7
    3.4-6 - What does Macbeth see when he enters the banquet?
    Duncan alive and well and eating at his table
    The bloody ghost of Duncan
    A giant falcon sitting on the windowsill
    The bloody ghost of Banquo
  • Q8
    3.4-6 - How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s odd behavior?
    She says not to worry because he’s had strange visions since childhood.
    She says he suffered a shock during a fight to save Banquo from three murderers.
    She says he has been poisoned.
    She says he is sleepwalking.
  • Q9
    3.4-6 - What does Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, plan for Macbeth?
    To give him prophecies that say the opposite of the ones he first received
    To lure him into a cavern and have the witches kill him with a potion
    To appeal to his conscience and make him fully understand his guilt
    To show him visions that will falsely make him feel secure
  • Q10
    3.4-6 - Why does Macduff go to England?
    To betray and abandon his wife and children
    To ask King Edward for aid in fighting Macbeth
    To hide from Macbeth
    To talk to the Prince of Denmark

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