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Macbeth Act III

Quiz by Patti Owens

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  • Q1
    Why does Macbeth decide to kill Banquo?
    The witches had predicted that Banquo's son would be king.
    He believes that Banquo wants to kill him and become king himself.
    He knows that Banquo wants King Duncan's sons to become king.
    He knows that Banquo wants him to stand trial for killing King Duncan.
  • Q2
    Why does Macbeth begin to act so oddly at the banquet?
    He has become sick.
    He has had too much to drink.
    He sees the ghost of Banquo.
    He has been unable to sleep.
  • Q3
    At the end of the banquet scene, Macbeth tells his wife that Macduff did not come to the celebration. Then he says that “We are yet but young in deed.” What does he mean?
    They are just learning how to rule.
    They are innocent of any crimes.
    They are very young to be rulers.
    They are not finished with their troubles
  • Q4
    At the end of Act III, Macbeth plans to visit the witches once more. What does he want to learn?
    why they did not tell him he would have to kill Banquo
    where Macduff is hiding
    why they prophesied that he would be king
    what troubles are still in store for him
  • Q5
    How has Macbeth changed between the beginning of Act I and the end of Act III?
    He has gained the respect and loyalty of his friends.
    He no longer regrets having killed King Duncan.
    He no longer doubts his ability to rule justly.
    He no longer hesitates to use treachery to achieve his ends.

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