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Quiz by Brad Drazan

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    I can't wait until this weekend! We’re going to my grandparents’ house and my entire family will be there. I will spend most of my time playing games with my cousins. We always have such a good time together! The day goes by so fast, and by the end we are all exhausted... but we still don’t want to leave!
    The writer is sad to leave her cousins.
    The writer enjoys spending time with family.
    The writer’s grandparents live far away.
    Weekends are times to travel.
  • Q2
    Wilbur and Orville Wright were brothers who were inventors, even from a young age when they built kites and bicycles. Many people credit the Wright Brothers with designing and building the first successful airplane. In 1903, their first flight only lasted 12 seconds, but it continues to inspire people all over the world to learn about science and math, to work hard to realize their dreams, and to use imag
    The Wright Brothers worked hard.
    The first flight was in 1903.
    Inventors build kites and bicycles.
    The Wright Brothers were inventors who have inspired many people.
  • Q3
    I have a dog whose name is Paco. He is almost 10 years old. Paco is very loveable with a brown face and short black fur. He is one of my best friends. He plays with me, sleeps with me, and goes on walks with me. I am so glad to have him around. I love him.
    The dog is cute and sweet.
    The writer's dog is an important part of his life.
    The dog’s name is Paco.
    Everyone should have a dog.
  • Q4
    Eric gripped the bat in his hands. His palms were sweaty but he took a deep breath as he stepped up to the plate. He had to score a run or his team would lose the game. When the pitcher threw a fastball, Eric’s reflexes took over and he heard the “Crack!” of the bat hitting the ball. His heart raced with excitement as he ran to first base. He was safe!
    Eric scores a homerun.
    How to play baseball.
    Eric plays baseball.
    Eric overcomes his nerves and makes it to first base.

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