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Quiz by Sarah Gibson

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Goldilocks had nothing to do. Her friends were busy, so she decided to take a walk in the woods alone. She noticed a house. She knew it was a stranger’s house, but she still entered. There was not anyone home; therefore, she decided to eat some food and take a nap in the stranger’s home.
    It's okay to do the wrong things as long as you're not hurting anyone.
    Goldilocks did not follow safety procedures.
    Walking can be an adventure.
    Goldilocks just needed a nap.
  • Q2
    Farmers in Japan have a problem. There is not much land to farm, and there are many people to feed. Some farmers cut rows in the hillsides and grow crops there. This helps a little, but many kinds of food are shipped to Japan. They can choose anything they want to eat!
    There is little land to farm in Japan, so many kinds of food are shipped to Japan.
    The population of Japan is getting out of hand.
    Growing food on a hillside in Japan is hard work.
    The Japanese like getting food from other countries.
  • Q3
    Do you ever wonder how you taste things? You owe your sense of taste to your taste buds. We have nine thousand taste buds just on the tongue alone. There are also taste buds on the roof of your mouth. You even have taste buds on the back of your throat.
    Location of taste buds
    Why we can only taste sweet things
    That we taste through our nose
    Can we actually taste?
  • Q4
    Were you born after 1985? If so, how long do you expect to live? Most people born after 1985 can expect to live more than 70 years. Of course, this is just a guess based on past records. By the way, females can expect to live about six years longer than males. That’s taken from past records too!
    Analyzing past records
    Why people live to be 70
    The health of females
    How long one might expect to live
  • Q5
    Babies use both hands, but babies use one hand more than the other. This hand may become the preferred one. How can you tell? Lay a baby on its back. Notice which side the baby faces. If the baby looks to the right most of the time, it will probably be right-handed. What does it mean if the baby faces left more often? The baby will most likely be left-handed.
    There are more left-handed babies.
    Babies use their hands to do many things.
    How to tell right- from left-handed babies
    Lay a baby down to make it stop crying.

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