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Main Idea

Quiz by Derrick Dormer

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  • Q1
    The topic of a passage is...
    where to find the answers.
    The broad subject of the story.
    the end of the story
    Shannen's favorite store.
  • Q2
    A topic is usually...
    1 to 2 words
    a paragraph.
    a sentence.
    longer than Maria's hair.
  • Q3
    Which one of these is a topic?
    Air Pollution
    My friends are cool.
    Wanna hang out Gavin?
    Mary wanted to adopt a new dog.
  • Q4
    Why is it important to know the topic of a passage?
    To know if it is about the subject you want to read about.
    So Da'Quan can throw it away.
    So you don't have to read it.
    To write a new story.
  • Q5
    What is the main idea of a passage?
    The details of a passage.
    The reason you read it.
    What the passage is about.
    Where Hunter would look to get ideas for a story.
  • Q6
    How long is a main idea usually?
    A beginning, middle and end.
    Ask Alden, he knows.
    A sentence long.
    At least three sentences.
  • Q7
    Where can you usually find the main idea of a passage?
    In the first couple of sentences.
    Wherever Laci writes it.
    In the middle of the last paragraph.
    In the third sentence.
  • Q8
    Can you find the main idea of a passage in the middle of the paragraph?
    CJ says, "Not if you want to pass."
    That is the only place to find the main idea.
    No, never, never, never.
    Yes, but not often.
  • Q9
    Which one of these is an example of a topic of a passage?
    There is a roach on the ceiling.
    Marquez's shoes
    Recycling helps take care of the earth.
  • Q10
    Which one of these is an example of a main idea?
    Wrestlers eat cookies.
    Lyric said she knows the answer.
    Kids hate homework because they can't play video games.
  • Q11
    Which one of these does Rizzy think is the topic of a passage?
    I'm not sure if she has any idea.
    Some older brothers get jealous of their younger brothers.
    Please sign your name on the dotted line.
    Thanksgiving memories
  • Q12
    Which one of these is an example of a main idea?
    Christopher enjoys welcoming Avery, our new classmate.
    Have a great weekend!
    Who knows?!
    Turkey dinner

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