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Quiz by Khitam Mohamad

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3 questions
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  • Q1
    What does the MAIN IDEA of a story tell the reader?
    The lesson or moral
    What the story is about
    The conflict of the story
  • Q2
    The main idea is supported by what?
    concluding sentences
    a chair
  • Q3
    Mark wanted to be a great skater. But he didn't want to spend the hours practicing. He wished he could just do the tricks easily. Mark's dream was to have everyone stop and stare when he entered the skate park. He wanted them to say, "Mark is the best skater in the whole world." What is the main idea?
    Mark is the best skater at the park.
    Mark practices very hard to become a great skater.
    Mark wants everyone to think he's a great skater without doing the hard work

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