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main idea and details G 2 Term 2

Quiz by Khitam Mohamad

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  • Q1
    Please read the following details and determine the main idea of these words. -candles -presents -party -cake -once a year
    Valentine's Day
  • Q2
    Dogs are great pets. They can learn tricks and they are very loyal to their owners. Dogs can keep you company when you take a walk, play with you when no one else is around, or even make you laugh with the silly things they do. Dogs are cute and fun. Everyone should own a dog. What is the MAIN IDEA of the passage?
    To tell you why dogs are great pets.
    Dogs can make you laugh with their silly tricks.
    To tell about the tricks a dog can do.
  • Q3
    The main idea is what the story is ______________ about.
  • Q4
    The earth's surface is constantly changing. All over the world every day there are earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes that quickly change our world. Some changes are too small to see. Others cause tremendous damage and cost millions of dollars to clean up. What is the main idea?
    The Earth's surface is always changing.
    It is expensive to clean up the damage

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