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Main Idea

Quiz by Lori

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  • Q1
    The main idea is supported by what?
    concluding sentences
  • Q2
    What does the MAIN IDEA of a story tell the reader?
    The conflict of the story
    The most important idea about a topic or a story.
    all the details
  • Q3
    One dinosaur had a brain that weighed about as much as three pencils. Its body weighed ten tons and was over twenty feet in length. As you can guess, this dinosaur did not think too clearly. It wasn't the world's brightest dinosaur! What is the main idea of this paragraph?
    What one dinosaur's brain was like
    three pencils
    How big one dinosaur was
  • Q4
    What is the main idea of this passage? It was backwards day at school. The students had to do things backwards. Some wore their t-shirts backwards. Dessert was served first at lunch. They turned their papers upside down to write. They tried to write backwards.
    students wrote backwards
    The students had backwards day at school.
    Dessert comes after lunch.
  • Q5
    Not all animals that live in the water are fish. Frogs and tadpoles, for example, spend part of their lives in water. They are amphibians, not true fish. Whales and seals are warm-blooded mammals. Some snakes live partly in water too. What is the main idea?
    whales and seals are warm-blooded mammals
    Which animals live in water
    Why whales live in water
  • Q6
    An octopus isn't fast enough to swim after a fish. The octopus must wait for a fish to swim by. When the fish comes within reach, the octopus whips out his long arm to grasp it. Then the octopus has a tasty meal. What is the main idea?
    The octopus is a slow swimmer
    How an octopus gets its food
    How much fish an octopus eats
  • Q7
    Aaron and Angel are friends. They look alike. They talk alike. Sometimes the dress alike. People think Aaron is Angel. People think Angel is Aaron. The boys think it is funny.
    Angel is bigger than Aaron.
    Aaron and Angel are alike in many ways.
    Aaron is older than Angel.
  • Q8
    Mrs. Gonzales likes to paint. She likes the pretty colors. She draws a picture first. Then she uses her paints. She gives her pictures to her son.
    Mrs. Gonzales does not paint well.
    Mrs. Gonzales paints pictures.
    Painting is fun.
  • Q9
    An important farm crop in the United States is cotton. Cotton is used for making clothing. Cotton is still a popular choice for clothes because it is easy to clean and last a long time.
    Cotton is the most important U.S. crop.
    Cotton is important for making clothes.
    Cotton is not used today.

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