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Quiz by Michelle Claiborne

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  • Q1
    Brad is sixteen years old and yesterday he had his first driving lesson. “Back out of the driveway carefully,” his dad said. “Be sure you look in the mirror to make sure nobody is behind you.” Brad backed the car up and turned the wheel quickly. He and his father felt the car go bump. Oh no! Brad hit the mailbox
    Brad's first driving lesson did not go well.
    Brad's father was angry
    Brad has good driving skills
    Brad always drives poorly
  • Q2
    It was Mother's Day so Amy and Rob woke up early and snuck into the kitchen. Amy cracked some eggs into a bowl and stirred them up. Rob put some bread in the toaster. “Do you think Mom will be surprised?” Rob asked. “I'm sure of it,” answered Amy. Amy poured the eggs into a pan and began to cook them. Rob and Amy quietly cooked so they did not wake their mother.
    Rob made toast
    Amy and Rob made too much noise.
    Amy made scrambled eggs
    Amy and Rob made breakfast for their mom.
  • Q3
    Ivy and her friend, Fern, went bowling last Thursday. Ivy had never bowled before, but she was excited to try. On the first frame, Ivy's ball landed in the gutter. She knocked down one or two pins on most of her turns. Ivy did not get any strikes or spares. Fern said to Ivy, “The score doesn't matter as long as we are having fun.”
    Ivy is an excellent bowler
    Ivy is not a good bowler
    Ivy is a better bowler than Fern
    Ivy and Fern will go bowling again

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