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Quiz by Susan Topkin

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  • Q1
    At the store we use coupons to save money. Coupons may come in the mail. Sometimes they are in the newspaper. You can get them in the store's ad, too. Usually you need to cut the coupon out. What is the main idea?
    Coupons save money.
    You must cut coupons out of the ad.
    You may find a coupon at the store.
    Coupons can be found in different places.
  • Q2
    Susan got a basket for a present. She uses it to carry many things. She puts food in the basket. She keeps toys n the basket. She even puts her kitten in the basket. What is the main idea?
    Susan uses her basket for many things.
    Siri doesn't like her basket.
    We need baskets.
    Baskets should be big.
  • Q3
    Frank likes to go swimming. He swims every day that he can. He likes to swim in Blue Lake. Many of Frank's friends go swimming there too. Frank is a good swimmer. What is the main idea?
    Frank swims every Saturday.
    Frank is the best swimmer in town.
    Frank likes to swim often.
    Frank does not swim alone.
  • Q4
    Eskimos hunt animals. They use animals for food. They also use animal skins to make clothes. Eskimos only hunt animals they need. They do not hunt for fun. What is the main idea?
    Eskimos hunt for fun.
    Eskimos eat fish.
    Eskimos hunt for food and clothes.
    Eskimos never hunt.
  • Q5
    Have you ever visited a big city? Many people live in the city. There are many tall buildings in the city. There are also parks in the city. Many people work in the city. What is the main idea?
    The city is fun.
    A city is a busy place.
    There are many people in the city.
    The city is a good place to live.
  • Q6
    Do you like to drink milk? Milk is very good for you. It helps you grow strong. You can drink milk with lunch or dinner. Milk and cookies are a good snack. What is the main idea?
    You should drink milk in the morning.
    Cows give milk.
    Milk is good for you.
    Milk is best with fruit.
  • Q7
    Squirrels live in the park. They are gray and fluffy. They pick up nuts off the ground. Then they hide nuts. They run up and down trees. What is the main idea?
    Squirrels live in trees.
    It is easy to catch a squirrel.
    Squirrels eat nuts.
    Squirrels are interesting animals.
  • Q8
    William loves peanuts. He could eat them any time. He eats them after school. He eats them after dinner. He even eats them on ice cream! What is the main idea?
    William eats lots of peanuts.
    William only eats peanuts after dinner.
    Peanuts are good for you.
    Peanuts are easy to grow.
  • Q9
    Grandmother has a garden. She has many flowers in her garden. They are red, yellow and white. Some flowers are big. Some are small. Grandmother likes flowers very much. What is the main idea?
    Grandmother loves vegetables.
    Grandmother works in her garden.
    Grandmother gives her flowers away.
    Grandmother grows many flowers.

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