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28 questions
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  • Q1

    What are some actions you could do to promote environmental protection?

    A. increase minimum wage

    D. reduce biodiversity loss

    B. motorcycle

    C. public transportation

  • Q2

    Two essential dimensions in teaching Social Science are:

    . Knowing and thinking

    A. Observing and inferring

    B. Seeing and listening

    C. Searching and imparting

  • Q3

    To which group do we belong if we don't accept the truth because we insist on belonging to a group or resist the risk of being indifferent?

    D. Conformist

    C. Anarchists

    A. Change agents

    B. Radicals

  • Q4

    What was the communist forces in Cambodia that increased in number there to the relentless bombing by US military and which was overtaken in a River Republic in 1952?

    D. CGDK

    B. Khmer Rouge

    A. National United Front of Kempuchea

    C. Red Guards

  • Q5

    The river the serve as the cradle of Civilization in China?

    D. Yangtze and Huang-ho River

    C. Nile River

    B. Tigris and Euphrates

    A. Indus River

  • Q6

    Which word does not describe or support Capitalism?

    D. Independent governance

    A. Individual property

    B. Laissez-faire

    C. The state interferes

  • Q7

    It is the type of government established by Aguinaldo?

    B. Oligarchy

    D. Unitary

    C. Revolutionary

    A. Republican

  • Q8

    Because of its shape and location, this province is called the Heart of the Philippines.

    C. Catanduanes

    A. Bohol

    B. Masbate

    D. Marinduque

  • Q9

    Type of cooperative that sells goods that farmers produced?

    A. Service cooperative

    C. Producer's cooperative

    B. Consumer's cooperative

    D. Credit cooperative

  • Q10

    One of the last general who surrendered for Spain and establish the Katagalugan government.

    C. Andres Bonifacio

    B. Miguel Malvar

    D. Emilio Jacinto

    A. Macario Sakay

  • Q11

    The word "Pakikisama" connotes:

    C. Ambivalent

    B. Negative

    A. Relative

    D. Positive

  • Q12

    Elimination of the makes Filipino think that imported products are superior to Filipino product which does not help the country's economy at all.

    A. Spendthrift habits

    D. Luxurious living

     B. Colonial mentality

    C. Passivity attitude

  • Q13

    Like Biology and Physics, Sociology is scientific because it's knowledge is based on:

    C. Wisdom

    B. Observation

    D. Logic

    A. Belief

  • Q14

    According to Sociologists, conflicts in society need not to be violent and could be resolved through this method:

    C. Coup d etat

    B. Negotiation

    D. Putsch

    A. Revolution

  • Q15

    An environmental law which reqires industries to install anti-pollution devices and bans the use of incinerators?

    B. Environmental Care Act

    A. Greenpeace Act

    C. Anti-Pollution

    D. Clean Air Act


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