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Making Connections Across Texts

Quiz by Melanie Jimenez

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  • Q1

    Which idea is expressed by both the story and the newspaper letter? 

    An aggressive response is sometimes justified. 

    Social Class does not ensure good manners. 

    People who lack education lack courtesy. 

    People should focus more on each other and less on phones. 

  • Q2

    One difference between the story and the newspaper letter is that only the newspaper letter - 

    presents the idea that children are more polite than adults 

    describes the consequences of rudeness

    offers advice to others regarding behavior

    discusses challenges that are impossible to overcome

  • Q3

    Read these lines from the first passage.

    "Are you speaking to me?" he demanded quietly. "Of course I am. Is there any other Oliver about?" "When you ask a favor, you had better be polite about it." 

    Which excerpt from the newspaper letter relates a similar idea?

    An old copy of this book was on my parents' bookshelf. 

    I don't come from what most people consider "the upper crust" - my parents both worked two jobs... 

    Common courtesy should be common to everyone, regardless of status. 

    In the parking lot, I was nearly bulldozed by a driver in a hurry. 

  • Q4

    How does Roland in the story act like the people the author describes in the newspaper letter? 

    He interrupts others.

    He is easily provoked into violence. 

    He uses obscene language. 

    He disrespects another person. 


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