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Making Inferences

Quiz by Skyler McClelland

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  • Q1
    The Canadian province of Quebec was originally settled by French fur traders. Eventually, cities grew to support the fur trade. As a result, other industries (such as logging) became the main source of income for residents. Based on this passage, you can infer that some residents of Quebec may speak which language?
  • Q2
    Carrots are an excellent source of retinol. Retinol is a pure form of vitamin A and is essential for good vision and strong teeth. It is often found in foods such as eggs, liver, and fish. For vegetarians, the best source of retinol is carrots. Based on this passage, what can you infer about the amount of retinol in eggs, liver, and fish?
    It is less than the amount in carrots.
    Eggs, liver, and fish do not contain retinol.
    It is the same or greater than the amount in carrots.
  • Q3
    Emily and Molly both auditioned for a singing role in a musical. Emily landed a spot in the musical, but Molly did not. The reader can reasonably infer:
    The directors thought Molly was a better singer than Emily.
    The directors thought Emily was a better singer than Molly.
    Neither Emily nor Molly had a chance to sing during the auditions.
  • Q4
    Tim and Liam both glanced around the room nervously as the teacher handed back the graded tests. The teacher handed Liam his test and smiled. The teacher handed Tim his test and asked, “What happened?” The reader can reasonably infer:
    Tim was not in school on the day of the test.
    Liam did not do well on the test.
    Tim did not do well on the test.
  • Q5
    Katie slammed her math textbook closed and crumpled up the piece of paper she was working on. “Ugh!” she said. Based on this passage, what can you infer about Katie?
    Katie enjoys math.
    Katie is having difficulty with math.
    Katie has finished her math homework.
  • Q6
    Trudy looked down; the sound of everyone’s laughter burned in her ears. She felt her face grow warm and knew she was turning red. She wished she could just walk out of the classroom. Based on this description, what can the reader infer?
    Trudy is embarrassed.
    Trudy is very angry.
    Trudy is new in school.
  • Q7
    Casey loved this time of year. She loved the bright red leaves on the trees, piles of leaves on sidewalks, and the decorated pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns showing up on people’s steps and porches. What season can the reader infer it is?
    autumn/ fall
  • Q8
    Sammy was promoted from third to fifth grade. The teachers at his school decided he did not have to attend fourth grade at all. The reader can infer:
    Sammy did not attend second grade.
    Sammy did extremely well in the third grade.
    Sammy will not have to go through sixth grade.
  • Q9
    Jonas loved going to the zoo. He especially loved visiting his favorite animal. He thought its spotted coat was beautiful and found its long, long neck very graceful. He was always amazed when one walked close to him or stretched out to eat the leaves at the top of a tree. The reader can infer that Jonas’s favorite animal is a(n) ____________.
  • Q10
    Martin’s little brother looked at the new bike a bit apprehensively. “Are you sure I won’t get hurt?” he asked Martin. Martin replied, “Oh, you might fall once or twice, but you’ll be okay. Just wear your helmet.” Martin’s little brother looked up at him, “And you will hold onto it so it doesn’t fall over?” Martin nodded. From this excerpt, what can the reader infer?
    Martin is learning to ride a bicycle.
    Martin’s little brother is learning to ride a bicycle.
    Martin’s little brother doesn’t trust him.
  • Q11
    When Sue walked into the house, all of her friends jumped out and yelled “Surprise!” She saw a stack of brightly wrapped gifts on the table, along with a cake with ten candles on it. Colorful balloons were tied to all of the chairs. Based on this description, which of the following is a reasonable inference?
    It is Sue’s birthday.
    Sue is visiting her grandmother.
    It is a family reunion.
  • Q12
    The teacher told the children to clear everything but a pencil from their desks. She then began handing out tests. Thomas look startled. “Wait! Ms. Smith? The test is today? Are you sure? I thought it was tomorrow!” Which of the following statements can the reader infer?
    Thomas did not study for this test.
    Thomas will get the lowest grade in the class.
    . Ms. Smith lied to the students about the test.
  • Q13
    Lauren sat in the lobby of her apartment building watching people come in from the street. Almost everyone who came in was carrying an umbrella. Those who weren’t, she observed, had wet hair and soaking wet coats. The reader can reasonably infer which of the following statements?
    Lauren lives on the first floor.
    Lauren’s parents told her to wait for them in the lobby.
    It is raining outside.
  • Q14
    Carly and her mom watched the large van truck drive away slowly. Then, they walked through the empty rooms of the house one last time before getting into the car and leaving. The reader can reasonably infer which of the following statements?
    Carly and her mom are moving.
    Carly’s house has been robbed.
    Carly doesn’t know where they are going.
  • Q15
    Dylan was surprised when he saw Jason come into the classroom with a cast on his arm. He had seen Jason fall off his bike the day before, but he didn’t realize the injury was so serious. Based on this excerpt, which of the following can the reader infer?
    Jason broke his leg when he fell off his bike.
    Jason had surgery recently.
    Jason broke his arm when he fell off his bike.

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