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Making of Laws Quiz #1

Quiz by Johnathan N Sharkey

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  • Q1
    Which of the following are the three branches of government?
    Elusive, Legit-ism, Justice
    Executive, Legislative, Judicial
    Exclusive, Legal, Judgment
  • Q2
    How is an idea for a law written?
    Through a Bill
    Through a letter
    Through a Verbal Announcement
  • Q3
    How can the President formally reject a Bill into Law?
    Throwing it out of the White House
    signing it
  • Q4
    Before a bill can be presented to the President where must it pass?
    House of Representatives
    Senate and House of Blues
    House of Representatives and Senate
  • Q5
    Our Sources of Laws are found in what types of jurisdictions?
    Code of Hammurabi
    Magna Carta
    Federal, State, and Local
    the Bible
  • Q6
    What is the first written record of laws?
    Code of Hammurabi
    Magna Carta
    The Bill of Rights
    Ten Commandments
  • Q7
    Laws that the Presidents sign without congressional approval are called what?
    Elusive Orders
    Exclusive Orders
    Pizza Orders
    Executive Orders
  • Q8
    Judicial Decisions are also called what?
    Case Theory
    Case Law
    Respectfully Law
    The word of God
  • Q9
    Laws are written for what purposes?
    Designed to regulate and ensure public safety and order
    to regulate the world
    to be harassed
    for people to get along

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