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Malcolm X

Quiz by Miss Fazal

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  • Q1
    What was the main difference between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King?
    Both believed in violent protests
    King believed in violent protests and Malcolm believed in peaceful protests
    Malcolm believed in violent protests and King believed in peaceful protests
  • Q2
    What did Malcolm X think about segregation during his early life?
    Mixing of black and white people
    Separation of black and white people
  • Q3
    In which year was Malcolm X assassinated?
  • Q4
    What is black nationalism?
    an idea that promotes the separatism of the black race and that the black man should be in control of his own life
    an idea that promotes the togetherness of all races
    an idea that states white people should be in control of all matters
  • Q5
    Malcolm and his family faced a lot of racism and violence whilst he was growing up
  • Q6
    Why did Malcolm change his last name from 'Little' to 'X'?
    He believed the name Little was a slave name
    He believed it was a better name
    He just wanted to change his name
  • Q7
    When did Malcolm first discover Islam?
    From letters from his family
    From the newspapers
    From fellow inmates in prison
  • Q8
    What was the Nation of Islam?
    A civil rights group
    A political and religious movement or group
    A political organisation fighting for equal rights for all races
  • Q9
    Who was the leader of the Nation of Islam
    Hussain Mohammed
    Elijah Mohammed
    Malcolm X

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