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Manga 4.4.A,4.4Fig 19.D

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The reader can tell that the poem "To Manga, My Hamster is a Narrative poem because...
    The poem contains dialogue.
    It tells a story.
    It has stanzas and lines.
    All of the stanzas have different line lengths.
  • Q2
    What is the meaning of the word burrowing in line 8?
  • Q3
    Which words rhyme in each stanza of the poem?
    The last words in every line.
    The last words in the first and third lines.
    The last words in the second and forth lines.
  • Q4
    Lines 1 through 4 are important to the poem because they .....
    Describe the setting.
    Introduce the speakers problem.
    Identify the speakers friend.
    Ask the reader important questions.
  • Q5
    What can the reader conclude about the action in lines 5 through 8.
    Some of the speakers family members are afraid of the loose hamster.
    The hamster is afraid.
    The family wants to give the hamster away.
    The family wants the hamster to roam around.
  • Q6
    In lines 1 through 5 what can the reader infer about the speakers feeling for the hamster?
    The speaker is unhappy with the hamster.
    The speaker is pleased to see that the mother and sister are scared.
    The speaker is happy with hamster roaming free.
    The speaker is confused about how the hamster got loose.
  • Q7
    Which line from the poem shows that the speaker is not worried about Manga's behavior upsetting her mother or sister?
    That was an amazing day.
    Please forgive me.
    My mother screamed.
    I wish that could be your life.
  • Q8
    What is the speaker's main purpose in the poem?
    To teach readers to seek forgiveness for their mistakes.
    To explain to the readers the benefits of having a pet hamster.
    To persuade her mother to let her keep Manga.
    To share her feelings with Manga.
  • Q9
    What is emphasized by the repetition of the words "I wish" in the poem?
    The speakers reason for keeping Manga as a pet.
    The length of time it takes the speaker to find Manga when he escapes
    The speaker's desire for Manga to have the best life possible.
    The reason the speaker wants her mother to like Manga
  • Q10
    Lines 15 through 21 shows that the speaker-
    Is going to take a trip to the jungles and set it free
    Would prefer for the hamster to have a free life in another place.
    Wants the mother to decide what should happen to the hamster
    Wants to give away the hamster

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