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MAPEH 8 DryRun4

Quiz by Padilla Jr. Reyes

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    . Jacky and Matt were best friends, they always hang-out together. They find security and happiness in each company, but subconsciously Jacky felt something special for Matt, but Matt doesn’t know the feeling. When Matt turned 18-year-old. His parents allow him to take liquor on some special occasions. One day, at one of their friends’ birthdays, Matt got drunk, and Jacky is there to take care of him but because of the spirit of liquor on his body, he took advantage of Jacky who has special feelings for him, so she did not refuse. After a month, Jacky discovered that she is pregnant. If you were in Jacky’s situation, what would you do? I will _________________.
    c. Blame Matt for what he did and tell your parents that he raped you.
    a. Proceed to abortion to end a pregnancy and live a normal life.
    d. Go to far-flung areas where no one knows me.
    b. Continue pregnancy and take necessary measures and ensure best health.
  • Q2
    What Cambodian musical ensemble usually accompanies ceremonial music of the royal courts and temples?
    b. pinpeat ensemble
    d. piphat ensemble
    a. gamelan ensemble
    c. hsaing waing ensemble
  • Q3
    What symbolic totem of Lao's skirt symbolizes beauty?
    b. butterfly
    d. dog
    c. crab
  • Q4
    What BMI stands for?
    d. Both Mass Index
    b. Body Massage Index
    c. Body Mass Index
    a. Body Must Index
  • Q5
    Various instruments including metallophones, xylophones, kendang, and gongs; bamboo flutes bowed and plucked strings combined to produce an Indonesian orchestra, and is famous in Java and Bali. What is this kind of orchestra / ensemble?
    d. Gamelan
    a. Pinpeat
    c. Hsaing Waing
    b. Piphat
  • Q6
    The Sky Lantern Festival is the launching of lanterns which are actually small hot air balloons in Thailand and other neighboring countries like China and Taiwan. Why do Thai people celebrate sky lantern?
    a. Because they considered a good luck to release a sky lantern.
    d. Because they believed that sky lanterns are way of paying respect for the artists
    b. Because they believed that it is for their Gods and Goddesses.
    c. Because the0y believed that a sky lantern is a precious artwork.
  • Q7
    It is the condition of an individual that has enough energy to avoid fatigue and enjoy life?
    a. Physical Education
    d. Fitnes
    b. Health
    c. Physical Fitness
  • Q8
    What word will you form if you follow the Six Steps in Decision Making.
    c. REFUSE
    d. ABSTAIN
    a. GENDER
    b. DECIDE

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