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Mapeh8_Second Periodic test

Quiz by Niña Santos

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29 questions
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  • Q1

    1. Which among the following is the best reason why courtship is important in choosing a lifetime partner?

    It reveals the interest, likes and dislikes, limitations and other aspirations in life.

    It gives time to understand one another.

    It develops security, understanding and acceptance.

    It allows people to decide whether they want to be committed.

  • Q2

    2. Which among the behaviors below is best to exercise to have a healthy relationship in marriage and family life?

    Loving, caring, offering time and sharing common objectives.

    Keeping an open communication.

    Have great decision-making and conflict resolution - skills.

    Responsible for fulfilling their responsibilities.

  • Q3

    3. Which among the factors contribute most to a successful marriage?

    Love- is enduring and strengthens relationship

    Fidelity- sincere and true to his/her promises

    Physical Maturity- have a healthy body

    Economic readiness- financially stable

  • Q4

    Which among the following shows the best advantage of breastfeeding for both mother and child?

    It is economical, nutritious, has antibodies and has nature’s first immunization, enabling the infant to fight potentially serious infections which enables him/her to grow fully.

    It is economical, nutritious and has an antibody that protects the infant from certain diseases.

    It is nutritious, promotes the baby's healthy weight, the best   food since it contains essential nutrients suitable for the infant’s needs.

    It is economical.

  • Q5

    What is the most important reason for immunization in protecting a child's  health?

    It can save family time and money.

    It protects others you care about.

    It can save your child's life.

    It is very safe and effective.

  • Q6

    6. Which among the following situations below shows a characteristic of the most responsible parent?

    ssachar married at the right age and has a nice job. He makes sure that he can buy everything that his family needs. He teaches his children to save money and be financially responsible, study well, have discipline and be a good citizen.

    Anthony is a manager in a prestigious company, he can provide everything his children’s needs and wants. He enrolled them in a private school. In Spite of his busy schedule, he gives time to spend vacation with his wife and children out of town.

    King is married and living with his wife and 3 sons, but he cannot provide all their needs because he doesn’t have a job.

    Bryan knows he has a son from his ex-girlfriend, but he doesn’t know where he is now.

  • Q7

    7. Evaluate the physical changes and symptoms experienced by women   

    throughout pregnancy.

    Utmost care, love and understanding should be given to pregnant women especially those who have difficulty dealing with changes and symptoms throughout pregnancy.

    It is valid for pregnant women to become conscious of their physical appearance because of the changes they are experiencing such as darkening of under arms, leg cramps, back pain, and others.

    Most pregnant women are experiencing sleep discomfort and fatigue during the third trimester.

    Pregnant women are using their pregnancy to throw tantrums.

  • Q8

    8. Which of the statements below shows the benefits of following pregnant women's nutritional dietary plan?

    It affects the offspring’s health development starting from   early        

                 embryogenesis and even throughout adulthood.

    It influences a mother's prenatal and postnatal health status.

    Pregnant women may gain weight.

    A baby in their womb absorbs all the nutrients.

  • Q9

    9. Newborn Screening (NBS) is a simple procedure to find out if the baby has a congenital metabolic disorder that may lead to mental retardation or even death if left untreated. How is NBS done?

    1. Newborn screening is ideally done on the 48th, to 72nd hour of life.

    2. A few drops of blood are taken from the baby’s heel, blotted on a           special absorbent filter card, and then sent to a Newborn Screening Center

    3. Results can be claimed from the health facility where NBS was done. Normal NBS results are available by 7 to 14 working days from the   samples that are received at the NSC.

    4. Positive NBS results are relayed to the parents immediately by the health facility and must be referred at once to a specialist for confirmatory testing and further management.

    1, 4, 2, 3

    1, 2, 4, 3

    1, 3, 4, 2

    1, 2, 3, 4

  • Q10

    10. Identify the different assessments and health protocols needed by the newborn.

    Essential newborn care which include NBS, APGAR and immunization are vital to ensure newborn's health.

    Both Newborn Screening and APGAR are needed by newborns to keep them safe.

    Newborn Screening is important because it detects metabolic disorders even   before clinical signs and symptoms are present.

    No assessment is needed if the newborn is healthy.

  • Q11

    11. Analyze the importance of Unang Yakap and breastfeeding for both mother and child.

    "Unang Yakap" and breastfeeding have multiple benefits both for the mother and child.

    "Unang Yakap" and breastfeeding can help strengthen mother and child bonding.

     Breastfeeding is the best for babies up to two (2) years of age.

    Babies can still survive even without Unang Yakap and breastmilk.

  • Q12

    12. Distinguish which statement answers the Population Commission’s definition of responsible parenthood.

     Respond to the needs and aspirations of the family and children.

    Train children to become good citizens.

    Provide education.

    Children can live on their own.

  • Q13

    13. According to World Health Organization (WHO), what is the most effective  family planning method?



    Tubal Ligation


    None of the above

  • Q14

    14. This game began its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian Physical Education Instructor James Naismith as less injury prone sports than football.

    Table Tennis




  • Q15

    15. Which of the following statements is correct?

    Originally, basketball was played with peach baskets and balls that need to be retrieved manually after each score.

    The game established quickly and grew very popular in the 19th century.

    Basketball was invented in 1893.

    William Morgan is the one who invented basketball. 


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