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March 18-Product Photography

Quiz by John Hannon

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  • Q1
    A product photography
    can be shot randomly
    is centered around on the photographer
    is an image of those working in sales
    involves anything that may be bought or sold
  • Q2
    The following are important considerations for product photography
    all answers are correct
    product's size, surface, and texture
    lighting and background
    the clients, art director and the stylist
  • Q3
    The following is an example of product photography
    a cow being milked for its product
    a child eating cookies with milk
    a dairy farm
    glass of cold Gandy's milk advertised on television
  • Q4
    Commercial photographs and good photography are similar in that
    both require packaging for the purpose of sales
    they must each have a stylist
    they both require careful planning
    neither use the elements of art or the principles of design
  • Q5
    This type of person would be most interested in product photography
    a consumer
    a sales clerk
    a business owner
    an amateur photographer

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