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March 31-Apr 1 Sports Coverage Quiz

Quiz by John Hannon

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  • Q1
    Why are there challenges to access on the field?
    Photographers are limited to where they can photograph
    all are correct
    The photographer is unable to get close to the subject
    They want to shoot from behind home plate or the sidelines
  • Q2
    What tools would students most likely use when shooting sports photography?
    fast telephoto lens
    lens that is used by a professional photographer
    a lens that is below 200 mm
    lens at 400 mm or longer
  • Q3
    Which explanation shows the importance of a fast lens
    allows photos in extremely bright conditions
    causes little freezing of action
    allows photos under low light conditions
    allows for formal portrait
  • Q4
    Which event would need normal shutter speeds?
    a batter swinging
    before a starting pistol fires
    dunking a basketball
    diving catch

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