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Quiz by Brandi Emch

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  • Q1
    The families in Lizabeth's community are
  • Q2
    Why do the children hate the marigolds at Miss Lottie's house?
    The flowers do not fit in their cheerless lives
    Miss Lottie expects the children to weed her garden
    Miss Lottie has a nicer home than they do
    The flowers prove that Miss Lottie has a lot of money
  • Q3
    Which event leads Lizabeth to destroy Miss Lottie's marigolds?
    She has an argument with her younger brother
    Her mother works late and misses dinner
    Miss Lottie throws a cane at her for no reason
    She hears her father cry over his lack of a job
  • Q4
    What do the marigolds symbolize, or stand for, in the story?
    Miss Lottie's love for her home and for her son
    Lizabeth's growth over the course of the story
    the characters hopelessness about their futures
    the chance for beauty amid an ugly situation
  • Q5
    The narrator says that the destruction of Miss Lottie's flowers marks the end of
    the family's poverty
    summer vacation
    Lizabeth's childhood
    Miss Lottie's life

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