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Quiz by Pullman Bali Legian Beach

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  • Q1
    What does USP stands for?
    Unique Selling Point
    Universal Selling Point
    Unique Shop Point
    University Score Point
  • Q2

    What are Pullman Bali Legian Beach USPs?

    Strategic location, Accommodate both business and leisure

    Big rooms, a lot of meeting and function spaces

    A lot of meeting and function spaces, near Beachwalk Shopping Centre

    Good dining options, strategic location

  • Q3

    Who leads Sales & Marketing Department?

    Director of Revenue

    Director of Sales

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Director of Marketing

  • Q4

    Total of rooms, function spaces, and outlets in Pullman Bali Legian Beach?

    365 rooms, 10 function spaces, 4 outlets

    200 rooms, 5 function spaces, 3 outlets

    345 rooms, 10 function spaces, 3 outlets

    400 rooms, 3 function spaces, 1 outlet

  • Q5

    Which responsibility is the "Brand Standard Guardian" falls to?

    Revenue & Reservation Department

    Guest Experience & Loyalty Department

    Sales Department

    Marketing Communications Department

  • Q6

    What does MICE stands for?

    Meeting, Industry, Conferences, Exhibition

    Meeting, Incentive, Conferences, Exhibition

    Marketing, Industrialization, Convention, Economic

    Meeting, Initiative, Cooling Down, Exhibition


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