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Marvels of the Modern World Text Questions

Quiz by Monnika Mcfarlin

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    The author included the section “How High Can We Go?” most likely to emphasize that —
    B. the ability to construct tall buildings has increased greatly over time
    A .the designs commonly used in today’s tall buildings are complex
    D. new technology and materials have lowered the cost of building tall buildings
    C. the need for tall buildings has remained constant over time
  • Q2
    The reader can infer that future skyscrapers may surpass 3,000 feet because —
    H. the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building
    J. skyscrapers have become a common feature of city skylines around the world
    F. there were few tall buildings at the beginning of the 1900s
    G. engineering and technological advances have improved the design of skyscrapers
  • Q3
    Which of the following is the best summary of the article?
    C. Tall buildings have always interested people but have not always been easy to construct. Throughout the years new developments have allowed people to build skyscrapers. Today tall buildings are common in cities around the world.
    D. People have always tried to construct the tallest buildings possible. Modern skyscrapers are usually constructed with steel and glass and have elevators. Today the tallest building in the world is many times higher than the first skyscraper.
    B. Throughout history people have always tried to construct tall buildings. People were eventually able to build skyscrapers as a result of several inventions. There is some debate about which building is the first example of a skyscraper
    A . Though people have always shown an interest in constructing tall buildings, the height of such structures was relatively limited for many years. The use of steel and elevators helped make taller buildings possible.
  • Q4
    Which idea from the article does the photograph of the Burj Khalifa emphasize?
    F. Building a skyscraper is a simple task for engineers.
    H. Laws designate the areas where skyscrapers are allowed to be built.
    G. Skyscrapers have created city skylines with distinctive looks
    J. Modern construction techniques have allowed for more usable space in the bottom floors of skyscrapers.
  • Q5
    Which sentence best supports the idea that the use of skyscrapers was a practical solution to a problem?
    B. Some skyscrapers echoed art trends of the past, linking cities to their history
    A .The need for special equipment and designs meant that building up was costly
    D .These exciting new buildings gave architects and engineers a chance to demonstrate their skills.
    C. Since most cities had limited amounts of land, sites for new houses and offices were scarce and expensive.
  • Q6
    The organization of paragraph 2 focuses on the limitations of buildings in the early nineteenth century to show that —
    H. the cost of materials prevented people from building skyscrapers
    J. people were not interested in improving tall buildings
    F. the available technology prevented skyscrapers from being built
    G. people preferred to have buildings with many windows
  • Q7
    What is the meaning of the word withstand in paragraph 3?
    A . To endure
    B. To control
    C. To imagine
    D. To create
  • Q8
    Read this summary of paragraph 3 written by a student. [In the late 1800s three developments made building skyscrapers possible. New Yorkers were very pleased with these advances. The use of steel in construction and the adoption of new construction designs made buildings stronger. In addition, the invention of the elevator allowed people to go up and down tall buildings more easily.] Which sentence in the student’s summary is unnecessary?
    H. The use of steel in construction and the adoption of new construction designs made buildings stronger.
    F. In the late 1800s three developments made building skyscrapers possible.
    G. New Yorkers were very pleased with these advances.
    J. In addition, the invention of the elevator allowed people to go up and down tall buildings more easily.
  • Q9
    Which idea is developed throughout the section “A Growing Need for Height”?
    D. Laws help maintain the beauty of an environment.
    A. Cities provide better living environments than rural areas.
    B. Changing conditions can create unexpected demands.
    C. Opportunities to demonstrate skill are rare.
  • Q10
    Based on the information in paragraph 4, which generalization can be made?
    F. Skyscrapers are the best attractions to see in a city.
    J. Ordinary people usually know as much as experts do.
    G. The usefulness of a building is more important than its size.
    H. It is sometimes difficult to define something that is easily recognized.
  • Q11
    The author organizes information from the article into a bar graph most likely to make it easier for the reader to —
    C. find out which building materials are lightest
    B.know where the tallest skyscrapers are
    D. compare the heights of buildings
    A. understand how skyscrapers affect a city’s appearance

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