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Mass and capacity

Quiz by Selai Nawai

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  • Q1
    If a water bottle holds 1 liter of water, how many milliliters does it hold?
    500 milliliters
    10 milliliters
    100 milliliters
    1000 milliliters
  • Q2
    Sally has a bag of flour that weighs 2 kilograms. How many grams does the bag of flour weigh?
    2000 grams
    500 grams
    200 grams
    20 grams
  • Q3
    Which of the following units would be most appropriate to measure the weight of a small paper clip?
  • Q4
    Tom poured 2 liters of water into a bucket already containing 3 liters of water. How many milliliters of water are in the bucket now?
    5000 milliliters
    3000 milliliters
    2500 milliliters
    2000 milliliters
  • Q5
    If a container can hold 450 milliliters of juice, how many liters of juice can it hold?
    4.5 liters
    45 liters
    0.045 liters
    0.45 liters
  • Q6
    Lisa has a fish tank that holds 20 liters of water. She decides to add 5 liters of water to the tank. How many milliliters of water are in the tank now?
    20500 milliliters
    2500 milliliters
    20000 milliliters
    25000 milliliters
  • Q7
    If a bottle of shampoo contains 500 milliliters, how many liters does it contain?
    5 liters
    50 liters
    0.05 liters
    0.5 liters

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