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  • Q1

    The goals that have been articulated for Mabuhay Elementary School include ensuring that all students have equitable access to the curriculum.

    Which of the following approaches would best help the principal evaluate how well this goal is being achieved?

    evaluating coverage of diverse perspectives in curricular materials

    interviewing students with varied backgrounds about their learning

    analyzing the cultural profile of the students in each classroom

    examining disaggregated results from recent assessments

  • Q2

    Principal Alexander Ong is working with staff to create and implement plans to achieve goals for improved student learning. In this context, the principal would most appropriately encourage staff members to conduct research into what other schools are doing as a way to facilitate which of the following processes?

    predicting likely impediments to achieving school goals and strategies for avoiding them

    interpreting assessment results to determine strengths and needs in the school's current program

    incorporating a variety of diverse perspectives into the school's planning efforts

    identifying effective action steps to remedy school issues identified through data analysis

  • Q3

    A school's guidance counselors present the principal with a proposal for an innovative guidance program that has been used successfully in a number of schools around the region and the country. In making a decision about the proposal, the principal's first priority should be to determine whether:

    the new program would serve to reinforce and enhance the existing knowledge and skills of guidance staff

    the new program's goals and activities are consistent with the school's current vision and goals

    the new program would require additional funds beyond those already available to the guidance program

    the new program would promote increased collaboration between guidance staff and other school staff.

  • Q4

    Your SDO's new vision and goals state that students will be able to use a variety of technological tools to promote their own learning. Principals throughout the province recognize that a significant amount of new hardware, software, and teacher training will be needed for this initiative to be successful and that funds currently available are entirely inadequate. Which of the following strategies would likely be most effective and appropriate for the principals to use first in their efforts to gain access to needed financial resources?

    encouraging students' families to contact local officials about supporting the provision of resources necessary to fund the initiative

    seeking the cooperation of the district's  representative in advocating for additional state funding to support the initiative

    asking local media outlets to publicize the initiative and the need for additional school funding

    seeking out foundations and other stakeholders that provide funding to support this type of initiative

  • Q5

    A recently appointed principal must set an objective and goal for a school where student performance on all academic measures has been declining for some time. The principal knows that the current level of parent/guardian and community participation in the life of the school is very low, as is overall stakeholder support for the school. The principal expects that creating and implementing a new goal in this context will be challenging.

    Which of the following strategies used by the principal would best help ensure that the new vision will have broad stakeholder support?

    sharing with members of the school community clear, accurate information about the school's current academic performance and its implications

    creating a representative committee of school and community leaders to review and critique draft versions of the new goal

     sharing with constituents research-based information on the value of a school vision for improving academic performance

    creating multiple opportunities for individuals from diverse segments of the community to participate in various stages of the visioning process

  • Q6

    Last year a principal led teachers in implementing a plan to incorporate a specific set of research- based techniques into their instruction. The goal of the plan was to increase students' motivation and engagement in learning. This year during classroom observations, the principal sees that a few teachers have modified their use of the prescribed techniques in ways that depart somewhat from the original guidelines.

    The principal can best respond by first:

    meeting with all teachers to reinforce the value of the new techniques and stress the importance of consistent schoolwide implementation.

    evaluating the effectiveness of the teachers' modifications to the new techniques in addressing the school's improvement goals.

    surveying teachers throughout the school to determine their views about the new techniques and their efficacy.

    providing retraining to those teachers who are not adhering to new techniques as they were originally defined.

  • Q7

    Bagac Elementary School has been trying a new approach to math instruction during the past couple of years, but the results have been disappointing. The principal is putting together a team to consider this problem and identify possible solutions. At first, the team was going to include the principal, an assistant principal, teachers from different grade levels, and the district math coordinator. The principal then decided to include a representative group of parents/guardians as well.

    Which of the following is likely to be the most important benefit of the principal's decision?

    communicating to the school community the school's strong commitment to addressing the math problem

    expanding the range of perspectives and ideas that will be brought to the problem-solving process

    encouraging the development of a team dynamic that is more positive, balanced, and productive

    increasing recognition among various school constituencies that school staff value their input on education issues

  • Q8

    The elementary school principals in a district note that kindergartners enter their schools with significant disparities in their literacy backgrounds. Some children are already proficient readers, while others have little or no prior experience with books.

    Which of the following actions taken by district educators would best help ensure that all young children will have an equal opportunity to be successful readers?

    reorganizing the school day for targeted students to substantially expand their time available for reading instruction

    putting in place an early intervention program in which eligible students and their families may participate

    arranging for reading specialists to team with kindergarten teachers for daily reading instruction

    expanding the availability and use of computer-based literacy programs in kindergarten classrooms

  • Q9

    Following many discussions about disparities in educational results among the student groups in a school, the principal announces plans to put in place new programs designed to address this problem. During a meeting to share information about plans for change, many parents/guardians and community members express anger and dismay upon learning that the new programs will largely be funded at the expense of existing school programs.

    The principal can best respond by emphasizing which of the following ideas?

    In times of financial stress, everyone must be ready to compromise on their own priorities in order to help those in need.

    School staff will make every effort to minimize waste and maximize efficiency in the delivery of the new programs.

    Fairness dictates that those students with the greatest academic weaknesses should receive the greatest support.

    The entire community will reap significant benefits in the long run if all students are helped to succeed in school.

  • Q10

    The members of a school governing  council have been sharply divided in their views on how to address an important school issue, with three members holding one view and two members holding an opposing view. Discussion on the issue has now reached an impasse.

    The principal can best try to achieve consensus among council members by using which of the following approaches first?

    maintaining a neutral position on the issue and helping the two sides identify common ground

    encouraging those holding the majority view to make their best case to the remaining two members

    prompting members on both sides to consider which option under consideration is in the best interest of the school

    summarizing the two options and using the defining elements of each of them to generate an intermediate option

  • Q11

    A Junior High  School principal would like to encourage greater participation by diverse groups in the school based planning and management.

    As a first step, which of the following actions by the principal would most likely be effective in addressing this goal?

    work with Sangguniang Bayan officials to create districtwide policies that promote greater awareness of diversity issues

    write an article for the newsletter about the importance of promoting broad-based community participation in school governance

    create a committee of diverse stakeholders to recommend and implement appropriate strategies for this purpose

    asking the president of the school PTA  to recruit diverse volunteers for advisory groups

  • Q12

    A school principal could best use a press release to the local media to communicate about a decision to:

    change the school's guidelines regarding behaviors for which school faculty may be disciplined

    realign substantial funds from one program account to another to meet unforeseen needs

    establish a system of awards for recognizing outstanding student achievement in various subjects

    grant permission to a larger than expected number of  families to homeschool their children

  • Q13

    Which of the following factors has been most responsible for decisions to place greater emphasis on developing students' problem-solving and decision-making skills across the curriculum?

    an increase in media influence

    a change in inclusion practices

    an increase in educational accountability

    a change in occupational demands

  • Q14

    Malapad na Bato ES has a significant increase in student enrollment, resulting in a need for more classrooms. Teachers at the school, who are concerned about the issues and potential increases in class size, have lobbied strongly to maintain the status quo as much as possible. The principal knows that much space currently used for non-instructional activities will have to be turned into regular classroom space. In responding to this challenge, the principal's most important initial priority should be to:

    seek input from students' families regarding any concerns or ideas they may have regarding the nature of the space changes to be made.

    ensure that any changes in space utilization will not impair the school's ability to meet its vision and goals for instruction and learning

    limit the space changes that are made to those that are likely to cause the least amount of disruption to the school's teaching staff

    obtain approval from the superintendent prior to reassigning any instructional space within the school

  • Q15

    The data in the LIS  is used to determine:

    A.  teacher-student ratios. B. determine state funding levels. C. support educational accountability. D. evaluate school attendance trends.

    evaluate school attendance trends

    teacher-student ratios

    support educational accountability

    MOOE allocation


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