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Maternal Newborn ATI - B

Quiz by Heather Silvani

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42 questions
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  • Q1

    A nurse is assessing a postpartum client who is receiving oxytocin 1 hr. after a normal spontaneous delivery. During the assessment, the nurse notes that the client perineal pad is fully saturated. which of the following actions should the nurse anticipate taking?

    Insert vaginal packing

    Administer terbutaline sulfate

    Discontinue the oxytocin infusion

    Massage the uterus until firm

  • Q2

    A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has mild preeclampsia and will be caring for herself which statement by the clients indicates an understanding of the teaching?

     I will consume 50 grams of proteins daily 

     I will count my baby kicks every other day

    I will alternate the arm I use to check my blood pressure

    I will check my urine for protein only

  • Q3

    A nurse is assessing a client and observes the umbilical cord protruding from the vaginal , after calling

    Administer oxygen via nonrebreather facemask

    Place a rolled towel under the clients right hip.

    Wrap the cord with a sterile towel saturated in normal saline

    Apply upward pressure against the presenting part.

  • Q4

    A nurse is reviewing the laboratory results of a client who is at 20 weeks of gestation and has type 1 diabetes mellitus. Which of the following report to the provider? 

    HbA1c 6%

    BUN 25 mg/dL

    Platelets 170,000/mm^3

    Hct 34%

  • Q5

    A nurse on the labor and delivery unit is assessing four clients. Which of the following clients is a candidate for an induction of labour

    A client who has a previous uterine incision.

    A client who has active genital herpes

    A client who has placenta plavia

    A client who has gestational diabetes mellitus

  • Q6

    A nurse is providing discharge instructions to a client who is breastfeeding her newborn. Which of the following

    Allow the baby to feed at least every 3 hr.

    Feed the newborn 5 to 10 min per breast

    Offer the new born 30ml (1 oz.) of water between feeding

    Expect two to four wet diapers every 24 hrs

  • Q7

    A nurse is caring for a client who is at 8 weeks of gestation and has an ectopic pregnancy. 

    Bright, red vaginal discharge

    Sharp pelvic pain

    Elevated blood pressure

    Scaphoid abdomen

  • Q8

    A nurse is providing education about RH(D) immune globulin to a client who is pregnant. What indicate for administering RH(D)immune globulin?

    The client has a history of placenta previa

    The client is at 16 weeks of gestation.

    The client had a spontaneous abortion

    The client delivers an Rh-negative newborn

  • Q9

    A nurse is providing teaching to a client who is 2 days postpartum. 

    You should keep the diaphragm in place for at least 4 hours after intercourse.

    You should have your provider refit you for a new diaphragm

    You should store your diaphragm in sterile water after each use

    You should use an oil-based vaginal lubricant when inserting your diaphragm

  • Q10

    A nurse is caring for a client who is 12hr. postpartum and has a fourth degree laceration of the perineum 

    Apply provide iodine to the client perineum after the voids

    Administer methylergonovine 0.2 mg

    Apply a moist , warm compress to the perineum

    Provide the client with a cool sitz bath

  • Q11

    A nurse is assessing four newborns. Which of the following clinical findings... 

    A 16 hr old infant who has a blood glucose level of 50 mg/dl

    A 2 day old infant who has a respiratory rate of 70/mims

    A 2 day old infant who is excreting a thin, white discharge from both nipples

    A 16 hr old infant who has yet to pass a meconium stool

  • Q12

    A nurse is performing an initial assessment of a newborn who was delivered with a nuchal cord. A. B. C. D.

    Facial petechiae

    Erythema toxicum

    Telangiectatic nevi

    Periauricular papilloma

  • Q13

    A nurse is assisting the provider to administer a dinoprostone insert to induce labor 

    Verify that the informed consent is obtained prior to administration

    Instruct the client to avoid urinary elimination until after administration

    Allow the mediation to reach room temp. prior to administration.

    Place the client in a semi fowler position for 1 hr. after administration.

  • Q14

    A nurse is caring for a client who is at 20 weeks of gestation and has trichomoniasis. Which of the following findings should the nurse expected? A. B. C. D.

    Thick, white vaginal discharge.


    vulva lesions 14

    Urinary frequency

  • Q15

    A nurse is teaching a group of women who are pregnant about actions to take if they are suspect they are experiencing preterm labor the nurse provides. 

    empty your bladder

     lie on your back for 2 hrs.

    expect to have a small amount of fluid leaking from the vagina

    call your doctor if you have contractions every 20 minutes for at least 1 hour


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